A new website and blog

Hi there readers,

Since August onwards I have been working on a new website and blog. Today I have launched the new site and as a result this blog will soon be closed down. I hope you continue to follow my work, inspiration and insights through my new website. I wrote about the process of building this new website is in this blog post.

Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope to see you at suzicolpa.com!

screenshot new website


New plans and a summer photograph

Behind the scenes I am working on a new website and blog where I will update more frequently. Exciting times! I am looking forward to showing you my new home online. In the meantime here are some light beams! A digital drawing on an analogue photograph I took during the holidays in the gorgeous Austrian alps.


Final Episode – De IJsselstroom

Wow, seven weeks have past and seven episodes have been made. We have been filming, brainstorming, editing, writing, arranging and bringing all the elements together for this series to be made. I fell in love with the location and the people, De IJsselstroom is truly a very special place! I am grateful to have been part of this project. I am also looking forward to now have freed up some time to focus on new ideas and projects. Perhaps I will have more time for this blog as well 🙂 So see you soon!

Here you can view the final episodes, as well as the episodes that came before, online.

de ijsselstroom

de ijsselstroom

De IJsselstroom – Seven Episodes

Wow, it has been a while! I have been working hard on a project that is coming to fruition in the upcoming weeks. It is a series of episodes about an old steam laundry factory in Zutphen called De IJsselstroom. It is located next to the river the IJssel in a beautiful spot. Together with cameraman Kai Dieho we have been following the new owners of this old building. They are going to renovate the place completely and while doing so they come across some interesting findings.

In the series we delve into the history of the steam laundry and meet some former inhabitants. Also, in the Netherlands lots of change is going on in terms of its rivers. As a result of climate change there is a lot more rain and therefore the rivers are given more space. But this also means some buildings have to go. De IJsselstroom could stay but because it is very close to the river it should be well monitored. The owners also want to renovate the place in a sustainable way and they are looking into using a watermill for generating energy. Finally, the renovation of the building also provides opportunities for young construction workers in a time of crisis.

All these story lines combined make for a very interesting set of episodes. The owners of De IJsselstroom are very passionate and forward thinking people and it has been a very inspiring place to visit. I have been filming there since around October so we got to know De IJsselstroom and Zutphen quite well. If you are ever around, it is a beautiful area and a lovely, monumental town. Here you can see the first episode of the series (only in Dutch).

screenshot ijs zonsondergang

screenshot ijs te koop

screenshot ijs bouwtekening

screenshot ijs Archief Zutphen Ma